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White Line Enterprises, Inc.

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How can you measure the true impact of utilizing Full Color DVD Case Covers? How do you determine how much it might add to the reputation of your company to demonstrate your attention to detail and your commitment to the needs of your customers? Colors bring feelings and sensations to an experience that may otherwise seem boring or mundane. Imagine when you see a Full Color Brochure or Full Color DVD Case Cover - you may not even realize you're interested in the product but you find yourself pulled towards it anyways!

Having Full Color DVD Case Covers will help your products or services get the attention they deserve. Why settle for less when you can have Full Color DVD Case Covers to promote your business? Our Full Color DVD Case Covers provide an eye-catching, professional representation of your business – remember, in today's rapidly expanding and ever-changing marketplace, first impressions are essential, and one of the very few things a customer has to go by when selecting with whom to do business. Let us do your Full Color DVD Case Covers.

CD covers are tailored to industry-standard jewel cases and offer a look and feel that will generate great interest in your music business, presentation, and/or software program.

Our CD covers are printed on premium #100 lbs. gloss book with gloss AQ coating applied on top.