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What is Sublimation?

The basic process of dye sublimation uses a special heat sensitive dye to print graphics and text onto a paper transfer. The transfer is then taped on a sublimatable substrate and both are placed into a commercial heat press or oven.

When the heating cycle is completed, the image on the paper has been transferred to the item and has actually become a part of the surface.  Since this is a dye there will be no feel to the printed image making this an ideal process for performance type apparel.

The reason for this is that sublimation is always done on a polyester, polymer or polymer coated substrate.  At high temperatures, the solid dye ink converts into a gas without ever becoming a liquid.  The same high temperature opens the pores of the polymer and allows the gas to enter.  When the temperature drops, the pores close and the gas reverts back to a solid state.  It has now become a part of the polymer.

This is why dye sublimation can’t be done on natural materials like 100% cotton. Natural fibers and non-coated materials have no “pores” to open.

With sublimation printing, just let your imagination run wild. From text to black/white to full color images can be printed onto a wide variety of items.  Any kind of image can be used: clip-art, original artwork and photos.

Since there are no screens to setup in order to print your image, the same image can be resized to fit any number of different items at no extra charge.  Each piece can also be individualized as well. Just provide a typed list for the designers to go by.  And Excel spreadsheet file is best.

Contact the designers with your ideas for your next event or special occasion.

View our new digital flip catalog. Just click the link at the top right of this page.

View the new Flip Catalog and see all the great things we can print for you. Call or email for a custom quote, or use the form below. (There are a very few items too large for us to print in-house.)