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White Line Enterprises, Inc.

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Mercer County Chamber of Commerce

Support our film dedicated to Veterans, story written and staring Infantry Veteran, and actor from The Walking Dead, Santiago Cirilo.  This film project will hire Veterans first and 20% of film earnings will go to helping veterans with PTSD and other Veteran Organizations.  Each purchase goes to help fund our film

A Veteran's Homecoming.

Help us reach our goal.

Showing Support

Click on the button to the right to make a purchase or even make a donation to this project.

   After two years overseas, Daniel Santiago is leaving the army to marry the wrong girl and to start a new life in the wrong town. But fate steps in. His fiancée dies and riddled with guilt Daniel disappears.

   Now after seven years Daniel comes home. He must finally deal with his guilt and the traumatic stress serving his country created.

   Daniel's faith guides him as he copes with family issues and financial problems. He develops close ties with other veterans and falls in love with his fiancée's twin sister.

   "A Veteran's Homecoming: The Story of Daniel" is a man's journey facing the challenges of life while keeping Faith with his Beliefs.

   Santiago Cirilo stars as Daniel. Santiago proudly served in the U.S. Army's 101 Airborne Division. And now he is a well known actor appearing in popular television shows such as "The Walking Dead", "Memphis Beat" and "The Nephilim Chronicles"